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SEO-Optimized Content Strategies Based on RITE Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies consist of one message: a pitch to sell products or services. Storytelling or Content Marketing is different. It is based on the RITE school of content creation: RITE — Relevant, Interesting, Timely and Entertaining. Over time, RITE content will attract a vigorous audience organically. That’s what we do.


The limitations of tradition marketing include:

  1. Oversaturation of print, broadcast and online messaging

  2. Increasing ability of viewers to subconsciously filter out sales pitches

  3. Limited ability to engage customers.


Storytelling provides a solution to these limitations by offering informative, enriched content that is less likely to be filtered out. In other words, it flies below the radar.


Articles for social media are the most common form of our storytelling, and contain targeted content for SEO. However, it includes every form of digital media, including website copy, email, blogs, and more. 


Storytelling benefits your organization by:

  1. Providing higher visibility and wider reach

  2. Customizing content for each stage of the customer conversion process

  3. Positioning your organization as a thought leader

  4. Giving the prospect the ability to find out useful information on your company, your products and your industry

  5. Achieving higher trust levels from customers.

Nobody likes to be sold. We collectively tune out ads, fast forward commercials and glaze over during sales pitches. Content marketing is designed to not be filtered out by communicating the right message at the right time to customers.

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